18 September 2006


Todays post is about the greatest annoyance currently in my life - WMD's

Not the GWB Iran & Iraq type WMD's, im talking about Washing Machine Disasters.

Last night I realised I was lacking a suitably clean pair of trousers for work today, I pick out a washing machine friendly one and get it into teh wash.

I wake up this morning and put my nice clean fresh trousers on, only to find they show offmy shins. This amounted to me shouting bollocks and being 5 minutes late from work, however it got me thinking.

Millions of people around the world suffer from WMDs, the Disruptionists (terrorists for the uninitiated) give me nowhere near as much grief as washing clothes. Therefore I put to it that the billions we are currently spending in the middle east wars should be diverted into making clothes that can easily be washed dried and even put on without needing ironing.



Celeste said...

Can't say I've ever shrunk anything but every now and then the Wachine Machine decides to eat one of my thongs. It's all very weird.

Mrs. Angry said...

I have just had a WMD (Washing Machine Disaster - I like the acronym). It stopped in the middle of the cycle, I opened the door and all the water fell out. And I don't even have a husband now to fix it (not that he would have been able to had he been around, the useless git). I'm now having to wash all my clothes by hand, and at this rate it would be easier to go out and buy new clothes than to have to find clean ones. Except that I can't afford it now that the he's pissed off. Grrrr!!