19 September 2006

Religious Tolerance or Religious Indifference

A few posts back I said i would do a post on this, its not going to be very long as it isnt a huge topic, but I would like to hear your views about the subject.

The government is constantly pushing religious tolerence, however i disagree with this as saying you have to tolerate something automatically segregates you from it.

What i think should be pushed, in a more subtle way, is religious indifference, a persons religion should make no difference to how that person is viewed. The majority of people already show a high degree of religious indifference, but how can you tell how indifferent someone really is?

Take the school teacher who became a suicide bomber, he was a teacher so must ahve had a high level of religious tolerence, if not indifference. All the people who knew him said he was well balanced and a respected member of society, then he goes and blows a load of people up (On a bus or a plane or something) This makes me suspect that he was only being tolerant, and that working in a class room sends all teachers a bit whacko eventually, i know i feel kinda sorry for all the teachers at my school had to deal with some right little shits (me included).

Of course it is hard to catagorise this as a religious issue, true it is their religious beliefs making them attack us, however they dont seem to be against the religion, more the west. You never hear them saying christianity is their biggest threat dispite the number of religious attrocities they have commited against them, they all ways claim the US is their enemy and that britain is its lap dog (That latter part a least is correct)

Of course what the terrorists dont seem to realise is that they dont really terrorise us (as pointed out by mr angry ) They tend to just disrupt us, make our flights more inconvenient cause trafic jams etc.

But back to the point,

Would you class any current violence as not enough erligious tolerance, since some people obviously arn't tolerant enough, or religious indifference since some peolpe actually resent other religions.

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