14 September 2006

Ring Tones

I am becoming more and more annoyed with ringtones, I have in my travels heard everything from a tony blair speach to the sounds of someone having sex to some guy repeating swear words in a monotone voice (which the group of 14 year olds fonud highly amusing)

Personally my phones always on vibrate, and i dont mind normal ring tones, but some of them really get on my tits.

Of course ring tones do have their upside, the people who sell them get away with charging obscene amounts of money for 15 second audio clips, which you can normally get off the ol' t'internet for free anyway.

In other news the numa numa guy made a new video, seeing a fat guy in glasses dance to numa in his bedroom was funny, seeing him attempt a proffesional video just destroyed my faith in humanity (http://www.newnuma.com I think)

I have become addicted to machine soup, i dont know why, but the chemically taste just has me hooked, i am however slightly worried that the soup has a cappachino froth on it, hence its new nick name in our office "Soupachino"

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