15 September 2006

Religious Hypocracy

This has been a well discussed topic, but I think it is well worth the discussion as it is topic that interests me. Religion is always a touchy ground with many people, I personally am not religious, but am a firm believer that people should be allowed to believe what they want.

Where this causes problems is when the religions conflict, some areas more dramatically than others, however when places of work start banning christmas decorations, and antire school systems start insisting people use the term 'Happy Holidays' instead of 'Happy Christmas' I think things are going too far.

While I am not christian I think the current way they are being forced to bend over for the fear of offending other religions is disgraceful. While I dont expect other religions to fully embrace christmas I wouldnt expect them to complain, if you dont like it leave a country that is multi religion.

My personal view is that peple should be allowed to celebrate their religions own holidays how they see fit, and be considerate to other religions but certainly not supress them. If a muslim, jew etc started showing support of their religion I wouldnt bat an eyelid, if they complained that showing support to a different religion was offending them however I would be drawn into an argument.

Britain is a multi cultural society, I think this is a fantastic thing, it gives us an amazing range of foods, experiences and understandings. Before people come to a multi cultural britain though they first must accept that it is multicultural, and that people must be considerate to the other peoples views, and that they will be exposed almost daily to peolpe with differnt religions and views on life.

Hence why if i was a chrstian I would have sued the bollox off of any company that restricted my religion, if christians have to call happy christmas happy holidays whydoesnt the government insist that all religious occasions be given an ambiguous name, happy egg giving day, dance like a pillock around a pole day etc should all be candidates.

I know this post sounds very Pro-christianity, but from my viewpoint i think teh world has now grown out of religion, it should be left behind. I dont think christianity is special in that respect, but I do think that they are being very unfairly treated jsut because minority religions in the UK believe different things. Ii does not seem right that organisations will offend christians because they are afraid of offending the others.


Anonymous said...

Someone once explained to me that aside from the fact that christmas is such a botched together collection of bits from pagan religions and totally invented stuff anyway, the happy holidays thing was started so that we could encorporate the various other festivals that happen around that time of year into one big party, like channukah and divali, rather than to politically correct christmas itself... otherwise, i agree completely.


Celeste said...

I totally agree with this post.

Things are getting just a bit too crazy for my liking.

It amazes me that people cannot accept that everyone has different beliefs and that should be embraced.

Karnuvap said...

I once spent Christmas in Austria. It was OK but they would keep bringing religion into it all the time whereas we know it is one giant consumer fest with food and drink binges thrown in.

Oli said...

I agree, christmas = a drinking season, gotta love that.

On another note im kinda upset that my post on the death of christmas has had three comments already, where as mr t singing about mums didnt get a single comment :(

Chairwoman of the bored said...

I'm Jewish, and neither I, nor any other co-religionist of my acquaintence has ever expressed any objection to other racial/religious groups celebrating their festivals. Obviously if ritual murder, canibalism, rape or something similar was involved I think everybody would object.

We used to live next door to an extremely orthodox Jewish family, and on January 1st, my non-Jewish husband wished them a 'Happy New Year'. The man of the house shook my husband's hand and said, 'As you know it's not my New Year, but how bad can a day be that starts with that greeting between friends'.

Most religions are respectful and tolerant of each other. We should work hard to keep that going.

Mums and Mr T? Sorry, no, but I love the idea of soupacino,

Oli said...

Thats agood view to have in my opinion, im thinking of doing a post shortly on religious tolerance or religious indeference, I have never really liked the term tolerance, despite its positive connotations in most situations. in most ccases religion or colour should not play a part in how someone is iewed.