05 September 2006

Back to the Real World

Well, second day back at work and im already knakered, glad of the week and a bit off I had though.

Along with arriving back at work comes the knowledge that

- I need to tidy some of the house, including my bedroom (Shithole)
- I need to wash pretty much all of my clothes, and spend a couple of days ironing.
- I need more sleep
- I should have eaten my birthday cake before it went off.

Yes, thats right, my birthday was over the weekend, I am now a fully fledged 22 year old so feel free to send me gifts!

Other news?

I had a cracking time at leeds fest, my new tent stood upto the challenges of festival life (such as salad cream fights, drunken falling over, flying lit disposable bbq's and such.) which was a bonus as my last one ended up destroyed in a heap with moz (a boy scout leader) jumping in to save the tent poles.

I went to see Snakes on a Plane on sunday, it was alright, run of the mill action film with snakes eating everything from flying dogs to genitalia. There seemed to be quite a few decent trailers before hand, so hopefully there will be a few more good films coming our way soon.

Anyway, back to work!


Moo said...

So what did you do for your birthday?

That film looks cack!!

Oli said...

Got verrrrry drunk, best thing to do!

Loadsa mates from my old town came up which was pretty good, dont see them as much now ive moved to york!

Do not imply anything other than the (Mutha fuckin) fact that Samuel L (Mutha Fuckin) Jackson is a (Mutha Fuckin) Genius.

Moo said...

um, ok if you say so!!

Oli said...

Apparently Mr S.L. Jackson was very upset because they didnt allow him to say mutha fuckin as much as he wanted to in the film, a supressed master of the arts obviously!