11 September 2006


Well, hate to say this, but the incredibly sexy Oli you know and love will very soon be slightly less sexy, but able to see your face.

After several years of intense VDU use it appears I have become short sighted, and hence need glasses, some people look good in glasses... I do not.

How did I find this out?

I was out drinking on my birthday and tried my mates glasses on, everything went into focus, this kinda made me think *Uhoh*

I am having a bit of a wrangle concerning my employers (Who say the company they contract me out to should pay) and my contractees who are being pretty good about things, and are willing to take it as a favour, however I would be losing out on a difference of £60 if i took the easy option.

Being from Yorkshire im tight enough with 60p, nevermind 60 quid so I intend to persue this with employer in the hope of resolving this without bothering my union.

Does anyone have any advice on good/bad opticians to use?

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