02 September 2006

For the fan(s?)

Ok, I have woke up slightly drunk still, as it was my 22nd yesterday. I will be going out tonight with all my mates from selby too, cant wait =D.

Leeds festival was damn good, though I picked up a rather annoying cold after watching the (surprisingly brilliant) Muse in a thunderstorm. I say surprisingly because I have never been a massive fan of Muse.

After the poor response to the joke post I have decided that the reason for this was because of the knock knock joke. They just arnt funny, I spent ages thinking of one and the one i finally came up with (googled) sucked as well. So yeah kudos to Mookie who apparently is the only funny person who stumbled across my blog.

Anyway my bed is calling me so I shall post again on monday.


Moo said...

Really Im not funny, just a couple of jokes that I remember!!

happy birthday for last week!!

Tracy said...

Oliverrrr tis Trace I just found your website in my faves. I was there! Got the Leeds/Muse Monsoon Lurgy too :D

Aw I missed ya though :( will send you link to my pics if you want, send us a email if you do. Byee x