26 September 2006

Micheal Jackson Making a Theme Park in Ireland?

Apparently Micheal Jackson is going to make a theme park in ireland, based around lephrechauns. Personally I think the charges against him for peadophillia were false, the families that have tried to prosocute him all have a history of trying to extort, blackmail and take advantage of celebrities. Infact most of the other families defended MJ. I do think he was confused, he grew up sharing a bed with all his brothers and sisters, and had very little fun since his dad pushed him during all his free time to dance and sing.

How many of us after sleeping with someone in your arms (not a child) for months, suddenly found yourself sleeping without them for a day, know that feeling of lonlyness? MJ spent hsi childhood sleeping in the same bed as his brothers and sisters, playing with them in that locale (in a none dirty way)

Maybe he does just miss that aspect of his childhood, maybe he is in fact lonely?

Despite the fact I think he is innocent I think creating a theme park is the most ill advised thing he could do, especially since most of the staff it will seem will be leprechauns (small child like?)

Not to mention his financial woes, the adverse publicity against this will most likely make this dream of MJ's a failure, how many parents would take their children to a theme park originating from an accused child molestor?

MJ may have good intentions but the poor bloke never grew up.


Jezebelsriot said...

Alright, I had the fingerless gloves, the two-toned leather jacket, Thriller on my tape deck. I Loved MJ, but he's as innocent as OJ. It may not have been a sausagefest, but there was more than childlike cuddling going on in that bed. I do have to say though, I appreciate your optimism.

Oli said...

I dont think there was much more than that, have you read the history of the last family that tried sueing him?

Not only have they tried blackmailing three different celebrities but the kid also tried to blackmail one of his school teachers by threatening to report sexual abuse to the police. Now thats a fucked up family =p

Jezebelsriot said...

I'll admit I haven't, but cuddling or fondling, it's still a kid. Poor guy though, is it possible he could grow up worse off than MJ?

Oli said...

35 million in debt and a different skin colour?

unlikely. =p