22 August 2006

Last Minute Hell

Fucking last minute grrrr

Thanks to them im off to leeds festival on friday, not tomorrow, crap customer service, tickets only arrived today, day before i wanted to go so no time to get this fixed, at least tehir name is accurate, fucking slow cunts.

Never ever buy anything from lastminute.com

Im normally a laid back person, but right now I want to punch someone, next time im going to the touts, least they give you what they need and give better customer service.

Too angry to type, will fill in the details later.


Mr Angry said...

Too angry to type? Are you ill?

Moo said...

wow!! Anyway how was the festival? my friend went to Reading at the weekend, she said it was fab!

Mrs. Angry said...

I haven't tried last minute.com but if I find that my anger is flagging, I'll give them a try at the last minute. Hopefully they'll get me suitably hopping mad with rage and blind fury so that I can carry on blogging.