03 January 2008

Normally I love a festive snow filled christmas, well despite the snow being late it seems to be covering my fair city in a fairly thick blanket. Normally I would enjoy a bit of snow, it gives teh seasona bit of meaning This year however I have a knee that is fractured in two places with a bit of other random damage scattered about it. Hence on my return journeys to work I have to be supremely careful with my hopping along on fairly unstable crutches.

This morning I nearly went over on a hidden patch of ice, fortunately steading myself by jamming my crutch into the achilies heel of the person in front of me. Its ok I didn't hurt myself.

While I am normally fairly stable on my crutches the addition of snow covvered patches of ice is going to add a new hazard to my daily life. My coworkers have supplied me with some helpful comments such as mini skis for my crutches, particularly cruel since I was meant to be going snowboarding in Andora in three days time, the bastards.

Ah well, I fully intend to return to munich this year, a great city in the south of germany. since I have the extra week off from this snowboarding holiday I might move this into a 2 week treck, from amsterdam over to berlin then finishing off for a few days in good ol Munchen (Thats Munich in German for those who don't know). After that a trip to Poland and some of the eastern european countries is in order, then after a year or two I will hopefully be a little richer and move on to Africa, Asia Australia then a bit of America.

I can dream...


indifferent loser said...

cool!!!- ur travel plan!
so wen are you going to recover?


You can't go on crutches!! I'm not on crutches so I'll go to make sure your skiing holiday is enjoyed as it should be. I'll tell you all about it when I get back? Fair deal?

Oli said...

already got my money back mate, sorry!

Dont know when im going to be off them, need to get some physio sorted tehn getting back in shape, its going to be a while!

Moo said...

Shame about the skiing but at least you're ok! Happy New Year by the way!