02 January 2008

Leap Year 2008

So it turns out the year of 2008 will be a leap year, those annoying celestial four quaters of a day bundled into one aunnual pain in the arse for the human race.

Some people benefit from this extra day, contractors and people on a daily wage get the cash and can laugh in the faces us annually paid employees. For us that are paid on an annual contract each year means one thing for our employers, they get a free days work out of us. This is more than slightly annoying for those of us with these contracts, especialy those of us with contractor friends, who will no doubt rub this in when they realise the significance.

Bastard physics.

My only solice is the fact that for some poor bastards somewhere they technically dont have a birthday three out of the four years. Some might class this as less of a worry, i mean they will just celebrate around the date, but im sure it makes it just a little bit harder for them to receive their birthday pints.

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