28 January 2008

Mc A-levels

Macdonalds is a great way to get food with zero to little nutritional content in a fast, overpriced and probably spat in way.

They recently expanded their range to include slightly healthier options such as frozen veg transported from where it is cheapest to grow and yoghurt, which is so lively it can defend itself.

But it seems that is not enough. The government has approved, along with two other companies, MacDonalds to have its very own qualification which will be the equivalent to an A-Level.

And they say standards are slipping...

Reuters included items such as business management as part of this new high class teaching environment. I think I can safely say that I would not ever want to see in any way shape or form the scrotes from Macdonalds running a business. The way they sneeze into the chip fat and spit on your burger is enough to make me think that perhaps these guys are not infact management material.

But for all those teenagers studying hard to earn that A-Level, pretty soon you will be level with the guy who failed high school and his shiny new Mc A-level. Do you want fries with that?


Sprite said...

That's what happens when government won't fund education - business has to do it instead. Then before you know it it's all McDonald's A levels and Burger King degrees. Socrates must be turning in his grave.


I have a degree in bacon butties.

Einstein was an amateur (in bacon butties)