14 January 2008

Huge Gas Cloud Will Hit the Milky Way!

"Huge Gas Cloud Will Hit the Milky Way!"

I read

"A giant cloud of hydrogen gas is racing towards a collision with the Milky Way, astronomers have announced. "

It continued.

"It contains enough hydrogen to produce a million stars like our Sun, researchers believe.

When it does fully interact with our galaxy, the cloud could indeed set off a new burst of star formation in the Milky Way"

I Panicked

"The monster cosmic "fog bank" is careering towards our galaxy at more than 240km/s (150 miles/s) "

I decide to join a religion.

"when it smacks into our galaxy in 20-40 million years."

Thank Fuck.

(Quite a large range though wouldn't you agree?)


Sprite said...

I bet that's the exact report that suckered me too.

Yup, not terribly accurate, is it? Almost as bad as Australian weather forecasts.


As I intend to live forever I'll look forward to it.

I wonder if there'll still be beer then?