07 January 2008

Awwww Looks like Somebody has a Case of the Mondays!

Monday mornings are always pretty damn horrendous for anyone. Only when you hit the first one of the new year though do things really realise how mind numbingly terrible they are.

From the half hearted roll out of bed, approximately half an hour late, all the way to realising you have run out of coffee to give you some kind of kick start. Trudging to work asking yourself why oh why you should be working, Christmas was so much better!

I think this condition can be summed up most eloquently with a quote from cult film office space.

"Case of the Mondays"

That's rights it has a name!

And as the film fantastically points out, it only occurs in office workers. The kind of depression that can only be associated with the stuck in a rut going no where, tired of job sickness that involves computers. No other profession has this kind of problem.

It is infact the depression where, with pure certainty, you know the only get out will be a large lottery win.

I have my ticket bought.

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