28 January 2008

I know longer know how to shop.

Now that Woolworths has closed down.

All I wanted was a big bar of chocolate.

But where the fuck do I get one of those without Woolworths?

I am going to have to remove my friends and family from my social life before the next birthday of each respective one.


Coqui said...

Woolworths! i haven't heard that name in a long time. the last one in the US closed about 10 years ago.
my family used to love that place. it was the original superstore except, unlike kmart and wallmart, it had its own food counter where you could buy milkshakes and burgers and sit next to locals whose bellies descended over their belts, and their shirts had a few stained and there were little slits between buttons bcause of too much skin being packed into too little fabric. in a place like Woolworth that was okay. nobody judged you. they just ordered more food and bought bigger clothes on the second level afterward.
ah, memories

Sprite said...

Woolworth's is different in England, I think. And in Australia it's a normal supermarket.

So is that Woolworth's in York that's closed down?

Oli said...

Yep, its survived bombings, riots, fires, the works, it was finally defeated by Boots.

And I have just realised my horrendous spelling mistake in the title of this post.