23 January 2008

Last Night I Made a Mistake..

So last night I became fairly bored and started singing along to some music in my room, when in the couple of cans jolly state I remembered one of my flatmates had Singstar, that playstation game where you sing into the microphone.

Now I have never imagined myself as Pavarotti, Bon Jovi, or even a Steve Coogan. But I do, or at least did, believe that I could hold my own. Oohhhhh dear.

After the first couple of goes at a Maroon 5 song I moved onto some U2 With beautiful day. The best I got was wannabee, with a coulpe of awfuls thrown in. My other flat mate came down at this point to mention that the food I asked him to pick up from Tescos had arrived. We both knew this was just some guise in checking that I was not raping an injured cat.

Then I discovered something, after a quick rendition or 'Grapevine' I discovered something truely amazing. I can sing black music better. I did not try any rap, nor any Micheal Jackson. I attempted some Jamaican, but failed ever so miserably. Soul music however, I kick arse at.

The problem is in every pub bar and club I have been pissed in I have most definately not been singing soul. Singstar confirmed that I had infact been making a twat of myself as I tried to redo some of my favorite pissup songs to a score board.

I am never EVER singing again.

1 comment:

Moo said...

Lol! Singstar is such good fun, I will only sing when pissed however not in public, hats off to you for doing that at least (even if you are a bit pants!)