18 January 2008

The British Culture.

I thought I best make my position clear on teh subject of british culture, since it seems not liking the BNP can be constrewed as some as voting against the retention of the British way of life. If you have read this blog before you can probably skip this.

I fully support protecting the British way of life. I don't mind poeple coing here and working here. What really gets on my tits is when people come over ehre and then have the gall to complain. You moved here it was your, or your families choice, to move to Britain. Why do you want to move to Britain? We are successful, friendly and open inded.

So please, do not come over here and complain about things like christmas, crosses, easter and any other part of British culture that has been ingrained into our way of life. Sure build a mosque if you want, but dont complain about the church next door.

The British government is seemingly intent on pandering to the minorities, being a young white office worker I am fully against this, if not for any reason other than im getting shafted left right or centre by welfare benefits and minority benefits while i struggle to afford to live by paying extortionate taxes to pay for it all.

Now while I think this I do not support the BNP. While I do agree with many of their policies they seem to have been taken over by a bunch of racist twats with an agenda, when the party was originally founded to protect our country.

But lets face it, threats to British culture are coming from more than other people visiting the UK.

The Fight Against Binge Drinking?

Now, I can see the governments angle, but with a huge defecit, failing economy and failed war overseas should their top priority really be me and my mates having one too many and falling asleep somewhere. True some violence comes from drinking, some fuckwits will always twat someone for no reason. Lock the fuckers up. Let out the people who cant afford to pay their taxes since they have been hit by one after another of Gordon Browns stealth taxes and try help them get back on their feet.

The binge culture is a part of British life. As much as I like european drinknig culture I wouldnt want to live with it forever. British weather prevents the sitting outside till 3 in the morning, hell even some British laws prevent us from sitting outside till 3 in the morning in some places. We dont start work late, have a siesta then finish at 8, though it would suit me hands down. And, to be quite honest, its just not as much fun.

I like British culture, I like going to the pub with my mates, I fucking love Yorkshire puddings and I love my country. I do not care who comes and goes as long as they realise that this is Britain, if you dont like it, fuck off.

We used to control the globe, we owned half the world. God knows why we had a fall that exceeded the loss of power of the Roman empire. Our fucked up management in trying to please the world left us with next to nothng.

But let me point out that despite protection of British culture some diversity is good. I dont mind going for the occasional curry, but i'ld blooody well kick off if they complained that my local chippy offended them.


Rant over.


Celeste said...

I agree.


99% of 'anglo saxon' Brits agree.

99% of 'anglo saxon' Brits are racist.

According to the 1% who run the show.

We're fucked.

I'm retiring to Portugal or somewhere if I make it to retirement.

Sprite said...

Or come to Australia!

You remind me not to complain about my host country (Australia). On the other hand, if we have something to offer our adopted country, to improve it, shouldn't we do that?

I think you covered it when you said 'Sure build a mosque if you want, but dont complain about the church next door.' You can bring to the country, but don't try to take away.

It's a fine line, though, sometimes.

I agree with what you say about England, by the way.

Brennig said...

Dude, I used to live in Spain.

The culture in that country is that if you live there you're Spanish. It's the only language officials speak, it's the only language on official signs or notices and no, they don't provide translators or translation services at public expense.

Embrace the culture and way of life and they'll treat you as an equal and eventually accept you, but if you knock either they'll make life unbearable for you.

Oli said...

"they don't provide translators or translation services at public expense."

Not entirely true, I know for a fact the police station in Barcelona has 2 quite hot female translators working for them :p

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this. It was hypocritical, pathetic, prejudiced, and uninformed on every level, but your appalling command of the English language really does make me laugh. I think you meant 'construed', not 'constrewed'? I'd go on, but there are a few other things to point out:
You claim that you're happy for people from abroad to come to England as long as they don't complain about British culture, yet complaining about Britain is exactly what we Brits love to do! You want people to integrate with us? Well stop calling people who move here 'them', stop expecting Brits by choice to behave any differently to how we Brits by birth do, and stop judging people based upon misinformed stereotypes. Most Muslims are perfectly happy for a church to exist down the road - if anything, churchgoers are far less abusive to them than certain other groups in Britain anyway. Most curryhouse owners do not care in the least if there is a chippy down the road.
Perhaps you ought to learn more about the British Empire before bringing it up. We didn't lose our empire 'trying to please the world'. We took shameless advantage of other people and their lands for our own gain, hampered their natural social and political development, and left a legacy directly observable in the plight of the Third World. The British Balfour Declaration is a root cause of the Arab-Israeli conflict. It was the British administration who divided India and created Pakistan, the country where the bulk of the world's terrorists are trained. And you wonder how we lost our Empire?