15 June 2006


Cashed another cheque today, was only for £15.80, but on top of the two £50 odd cheques my total must be well over £125 for a £35 outlay, not a bad turnover!

The largest win in my line has been £178,000, near enough, unfortunately i dont get to see a penny of this, if only I had been in that syndicate group!

If you wish to join our e-lotto syndicate visit http://elotto.thebargainbin.co.uk
It will allow you to play the uk and euro lottory tax free from anywhere in the world, give it a shot!

Remember, if you reffer 5 people you can even play for free, reffer even more and you might even get a small amount each week, but lets face it, the real money to be made with a lottery syndicate is on the heavily increased odds of winning. Though I wont spout the 88,000% Greater chance that they give you in all the advertising blurb because I believe this is misleading, and makes you thnik you could wina huge prize straight off, it does increase your ods of winning dramatically, but in most cases the first few weeks you will get a disappointing 86p before your syndicate hits a £50 - £300 win!

Personally though, since I now play for free, the increased ods of a lotto win, coupled with playing for free make this a fantastic opportunity!



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