16 June 2006

World Cup Woes & Clicksor Cash

The world cup game for england last night was a bit gut wrenching for me. Its hard when you support your team so pationately to see them miss so many fantastic opportunities in the first half alone. Though we did pull it back we are gonig to have to improve dramatically in the quater final stages if we want to progress, if we get germany, though they arnt at their best at teh moment, they will not be as forgiving as Trinidad & Tobago.

On another note, I am now uing a new advertiser, Clicksor have a competitive rate and display a wide range of ads (Compared to bidvertiser, not too impressed with theirs & though they pay well their adverts are generally so insignificant no one clicks them!)

If you wish to take a look at clicksor I would heartily recomend them as a great agency to work with, they have a great reporting tool, good rates and a huge range of advert types. Its free to sign up, and if you want to give it a go just click the link below.

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