21 June 2006


Last night, for the first half, I believed we could win the world cup, our play was fantastic, we made full use of our midfield, it all seemed to be going well, even though they did score. So what went wrong?

Firstly, I think our main downfall in the second half was Sven reverting to the tactic of missing out midfielders in plays, it doesnt seem to work, it puts players out of their natural style, and I dont really know why he doesnt change.

Secondly, Crouch travels far too mcuh of the pitch, even with his legs the fact that he seems to get into defence before the defence is going to knacker anyone. If he concentrated on attacking and didnt cover the whole pitch things might have gone better for us, especially with the departure of Rooney mid way through the second half (though it was quite funny when he got into a strop about being taken off)

Joe Coles Goal was some great precision shooting, something that has definately been lacking previously, im glad hes in the team!

Also hats off to gerrard for his header, not many people could have pulled that off!

All in all, great game, I was damn mipressed by our first half performance, and I think the play is a ray of hope for our world cup showing.

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