06 June 2006

Night Out - Part One

Ok, the drinking started thursday night, I went to see the aforementioned girl for a little bit but was only there for 20 minutes when she hinted at the fact that it was going to be a girls night out, and, in nicer words told me to go away, and ring her later, unfortunately by the time i rang her she was on her way home and I was steaming drunk. So proceeded to dance with every woman i could, discovering one hen night was all dressed as schoolgirls and every single one was lacking underwear, top and bottom led to an intresting half hour, and I would probably have returned had I not been accousted by a load of hen night nuns.

Dont get me wrong, I like pantiless women but I preffer a challenge, sluts are only good for one thing, im looking for more of a relationship at the moment. The nuns held an impressive display of drinking competitions which me and a mate joined in, and I have to say they held their drink well, the winner being a woman who must have weight a minimum of 20 stone, not surprisingly in my opinion.

I would be lieing if I said I wasnt missing the lass from earlier. I do like her a lot and would have much rather been dancing with her, but somehow I dont think its going to happen, win some lose some i guess.

But yeah, as the night progressed I ended up in good ol mickle gate takeaway, munching pizza, and minus my boxers, which the nuns deviously stole from me in the gents, thats one story that is way too blue for the blog. I dont remember staggering home, but next thing I know im waking up with my alarm blaring and have to goto work, still slightly on the pissed side, was horrendous.

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