06 June 2006

Night Out - Part 2

So after a days work of people trying to take me down while I was suffering with a rather severe hangover I stagger out of work fully intent in going home for an hours kip, or so I thought.

Unfortunately on my walk home I have to walk past about 9 pubs and a bar, used to be 2 bars but one is temporarily shut down. This is in an incredibly small stretch of road, as York is jam packed full of drinking establishments, and I find myself going into the welcoming open doors of the windmill, where i proceed to continue getting drunk. after a couple of hours I head home, have a can then head towards the kings arms, a small local pub in york that is famous for getting flooded at least annualy. On a quick note, I bumped into one of my neigbors standing on the roof outside my window, she seems pretty sound and works in a swords/crossbows etc shop nearby. But yeah, I take my pool cue as it is definately on the agenda, and we spend a good couple of hours standing in the sun sipping on the pints, eyeing up the totty and wondering how some girls who must have been about 12 got served. After musing over this for a while we head off to play soom pool, where, and im not ashamed to admit it, I got absolutely trounced. Revenge game wil be in order for that abysmal performance. I head back, get drunk some more and soundly collapse in bed about 1ish.

Saturday was pretty good, a simple sit in the pub drinking and playing cards, im determined to learn to play poker well, it seems doable as im good at a wide range of card games, just never had a propper shot at poker!

Went out for a couple after that then went and watched a dvd with my housemates, rounding off a fairly relaxing day.

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