21 June 2006

F*cking Chavs and teh Benefits Problem

This is a topic that has been covered In a wide range of blogs, but I feel the tiem has come for me to bring my take into the arena.

There is an ever increasing problem in the uk of layabout chavs, Absolute tits, who annoy everyone and dont work, living off our benefits system, and in extreme cases having kids simply to get benefits. I f*cking hate this.

Fair do's, if someone gets knocked up through no fault of their own they may need some financial assistance, but the system is baing abused so badly it is unbelievable. I think a good approach would be to only give benefits to people who have tried all possible ways within reasonable measure to have a full time job, and balance a family life. most people manage to have at least one person working in the family, so I cant see why the chavs should get away with sitting on their arses at home all day, collecting government cheques and then causing trouble in town.

The best government scheme I have seen recently are the childcare vouchers, though I dnot know much about this it allows peolpe to get subsidised/tax free vouchers that can be used at nurseries if taken right from your pay packet, thank god there is something that helps the peolpe who deserve it!

The only reason this exists is because the government is giving so much to the 'slackers' of the nation, if the government gave support, but not enough to live on at least they would get jobs. Unfortunately the low level workers of this country get hammered by the government, I pay a lot of tax, get sweet FA in benefits and struggle to keep my head above water. How can a government function by giving benefits for doing nothing and penalising those who get off their arses and try to climb the ladder. It doesnt help that nowdays you cant afford to buy a house till you hit your thirties.

Rising inflation, much higher than the government, and I use this term very loosely, estimates, is gigantic compared to rises in wages, the rent alone usually takes about half of peoples salaries, and energy bills are set to double. the slackers will be fine, middle and upper class will be fine, btu us low paid slackers, will basically, be getting screwed.

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