19 June 2006



BT are a pain, I rang to query a £20 disconnection charge at work today, not much, was tempted not to bother, so I ring the BT Business Service Centre.

First things first, I hear a new voice message, a 30 second annoyance before it rings through to the main centre, I enter the phone number concered when promted, this is where it starts to get good.

It asks ether its a Business line or not, on THE BUSINESS CENTER NUMBER, then it goes through two more sets of option, each with four choices, my choice is of course the last one on each. I get asked to hold by the nice machine.


40 minutes later...

A droning, very bored, clearly doesnt give a shit voice goes

"Can I take your account number please"

I reply "Hi, my acc..."

before getting cut off,

"Sorry I didnt catch that, what was the account number again?"

I give her the account, and she proceeds to ask for my name, company etc.

then she asks what the problem is, I explain to her that there is a reconnection charge on teh bill, this is quite intresting since its never been disconnected. She then tells me that she cannot, in fact, do anything with my account, it has to go to our account manager, and puts me on hold without another word.

Now bear in mind, this is a single bill, not part of our main account, why does ONE ACCONUT need an ACCOUNT MANAGER, I mean seriously what does she do all day!

After another 5 minutes of waiting I get through to my apparent account manager, who in a bored but this time polite voice asks me all the account number, security questions etc again. I dont mind so much when poeple are polite, as I know when people get passed about its not realy their fault, however my account manager for this account apparently does not ahve any access to details of the account.
This stumped me a little, and started off a nervous tick that I havnt seen since my stocks crashed by about 7 grand on 11/9 (No matter how many times its said i will not use the american 9/11, bloody backward f&*ks

She informs me that i need to ring a number, which is the number i rang in the first place, so i inform her, quite shortly that that IS where I rang in, and was told they couldnt help me.
Quite impressivly she sits through another 1/2 hour of hold music with me until someone at the main bt desk picks up, my 'account manager' leaves me and i proceed to talk with the new woman.

The new woman sounded a lot more like she had her wits about her, however when I starteed querying the charge (which should have been removed by our account manager when it was inccorectly put on months ago, this being our propper account manager, incharge of several hundred thousand lines) but i was told that apparently acconut managers cannot waive charges, this gives me another moment of confusion, if account managers cannot see, or change an account what do they infact DO. Considering we do seem to have approximately 20 account managers within BT this is quite annoying, but yeah, after about 10 minutes of negotiation she finally removes the charge as a goodwill geuture, and now all is good, of course untill the next bill where we realise that the charge is probably still there.

I love my job, really.

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