16 June 2006


Again from the dilbert blog (my daily escape from work for 5 minutes) I ahve found myself drawn into reading the comments, at the moment the blog seems to be veering into the paranormal and supernatural, people whos magnetic fields break watches, or switch streetlamps off. While this all seems rather strange it does actually fascinate me, unlike the religious debates, where i just get infuriated by the fact that so many idiots can believe in a god, the paranormal world has countless proofs of strange events happening, im not talking about ghosts and such, but premonition dreams, telekenises, mind reading, all that kind of stuff.

Firstly, I find visions of ghosts and such to most likely be delusions of the mind, possibly used to explain to the person something they already know, but have had trobule figuring out,

The watches resetting etc may be possibly by the human magnetic field, this kind of intrigues me, and I would quite like to see a full scientific survey conducted on this!

Telekenisis, moving matter by mind, i think this may tie in with the human magnetic field, however I have trouble believing that the mind alone could concentrate to such huge extremes as to be able to do this.

Mind Reading - Advanced poker playing, some people get very experienced at picking up peoples emotions, feelings etc just by looking at them, again this could be linked to the human magnetic field if people learn to 'pick up' the fluxes.

Dreams is interesting.

Have you ever had that feeling when your just droping off to sleep then your whole body jerks, and it kinda feels like youve just droped from 5 feet in the air, kinda freaks me out. Dream wise I have dreampt about stuff that then happened, but could that just be my brain working out the future in a logical way from previous events?

This has been rather freaky in my life, I once went over and talked to a person, fully knowing who they were and their name, only to find they had come over from america for the first time and had no idea who I was. Scary shit...

Out of body experiences? Never happened to me, would be pretty cool though. This is something I find more hard to believe as it involves 'spirit' not something I can realy believe in!

Has anyone else had any experiences that while strange CAN be rationalised, and maybe some who have had something happen that was just too strange to rationalise!


Yngvild said...

It's unfortunate that you've already limited what you can believe.

There's no point in studying something you've already decided doesn't exist.

If anyone did share their stories with you, you'd just call them weirdos (as per your title.)


Oli said...

Im fairly open minded, and being weird isnt neccessarily (spelling?)a bad thing!

I limit what I can believe by how plausible I think something is, though I find a human walking under streetlamps and switching them off unlikely I do believe that it could be plausible.

Anonymous said...

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