30 January 2007


Everyone in life makes mistakes, from the little ones, such as when I wrote FUCK A DUCK in permenant marker on my dad's whiteboard which he needed for work the next (In retrospect I could have chose a better sentence to test if a pen was permanant or not) all the way over to the big time cock ups, such as superman deciding to ride a horse.

I always feel one of my biggest was giving myself a leg injury that put my clean out of any sport for pretty much the next 15 years. I am determined to overcome this sooner but i have no idea how as of yet!

My all time biggest, will never be forgotton by my mates mistake is quite possibly getting stuck in a cattlegrid. Do not, under any cicumstances, ask.

What I want to know is what your biggest mistake is?

No holding back, post without a name if you want, but post your biggest misake, teh funnier the better!


Mary said...

My mistakes usually have male names :-/

Celeste said...

Hmmm I don't consider that I've mad mistakes in my life. Just experiences that I've learnt from. I think one of my biggest errors is not going with someone to Australia when i had the chance. I put a relationship I was in first which was silly as it went tits up.

Love teh fuck a duck thing.

ldbug said...

Sadly I can't remember my biggest mistakes. One or two keep calling though...

Jezebelsriot said...

I know mine! I like Celeste's attitude and consider regret a waste of time. But there is just one thing that I has plagued me. It involved turning down a great opportunity my freshman year of college because I told myself I wasn't ready, when in fact I was just scared. That opportunity will never come along again, but I have at least learned to snatch the hell out of it when it knocks again.

And then there's that greasy unattractive drug dealer I dated back in high school. Oh, he was so sad.