09 January 2007

Adam and Eve... Bloody Perverts.

I got thinking this morning about the begining of time, when sex first came about. I mean lets face it sticking your dick up a womans pee hole isnt the most obvious of choices, admittedly it feels damn good but how did we find that out?

To illustrate my example I am going to use the religious setting of adam and eve, im guessing that pre sex the following was heard (Looking at all historical TV documentaries from primary school on this im guessing behind a big ivy leaf)

"OW that my EYE you BASTARD!"
"What the hell is that fluffy stuff"
"Mhhhhhh your tongue feels good"
"Ewww fucks sake I've got earwax all over it"
"Bit tight this end"


Anonymous said...

Were you touching yourself thinking of this? Just curious. I'd imagine the first people to ever try it just knew, like animals. A dog doesn't try to stick his pecker in the bitch's ear, he goes straight for the mount and gets busy. But the conversation of trial and error was quite funny.

drunk punk said...

that's where you put it???? after all these years!!!! s'cuse me. must have a word wi the wife.....ang on.... a daughter?....how the fu....OI! Caz! come''ere!!!

Anonymous said...

Oli dear, it's not the "pee hole" you stick it in. No wonder it is tight.