14 February 2007

I thought I had best apologise for not blogging a huge amount over the past few weeks, partly due to not really getting upto much, partly due to being very busy at work.

Well, today is valentines day!

Thats right the worlds most depressing day for single postmen nationwide is upon us, and I have not got a girl with which to share it in the new city I inhabit. This is not quite as depressing as it would normally be for a single bloke such as myself, im a bit skint at the moment, women are expensive, notoriously so on the 14th of the second month. I also have to admit that the freedom of the single life is something I would miss, my previous relationship being a little too constrictive for my liking.

Its not all bad, I have received a Valentines text off a cute girl from leicester, someone who was it not for distance I would have asked out a long time ago. I then got one off a girl in leeds, much closer to home and who recently grew out of chavdom and into what is generaly know an as 'gorgeous'

The big question is, do I go out tonight, do I goto Leeds or do I stay in, mope a little and have a big pizza to round the evening off.

Anyone out there want to be my valentine?


KAZ said...

I'd love to be your Valentine - but I'm 17 inches too short and 30 years too old.
Ah well.

Oli said...

I feel a yellow pages moment coming on =p

Mary said...

Not sure about you, but as far as i'm concerned even if you do have someone with which to share it with, getting a card off them is somehow not all that exciting. You already are their valentine where's the mystery and excitement in that?

Clarissa said...

I agree with Mary.

So, what did you do?

Oli said...

Sat down with a few bottles of yorkshire terrier, got drunk, fell asleep in a chair.

Not the best of valentines ever =p

Jezebelsriot said...

Sounds like an awesome Valentines day! I had Chinese with a bunch of overweight Midwesterners breathing heavy all around me. And yes, I would love to be your Valentine.

You and me both need to apologize, it's like we've fallen off the planet sometimes. But life is busy and blogging should never be a task, so just let it ride my friend, let it ride.