17 January 2007

Changing Years.

Its amazing how the world changes in such a short space of time.

10 years ago christmas was always snow covered, 15 years ago the snow was inches deeper. Those are the times I remember as being festive, when I would go out and play in the snow with my mates for hours on end, coming in soaking wet, usually from the odd cut where some fucker had got a bit of ice in one of his malicious snowballs or our careless sledging down a hill in unpredictable woods ended abruptly with a hidden tree stump.

Nowdays it doesnt seem to snow at all, christmas is autumn warm. The snow used to be inches thick, now if it does snow, usually in February, its a light smattering which melts at the faintest dawn of new year light. The cities that once hosted massive illuminations over the christmas period now draw a pointless blank, unable to afford anything but a solitary christmas tree as the downward economy hits us, no longer able to sustain the merriments that once helped make it so popular.

The homeless, an ever increasing number seem to appear even on the deserted main streets, if the police take one away another fills his place, begging for change and swearing at those that dont answer,
Cleanliness of the streets makes the beggars seem more apparent, litter is not a problem in the area, much has been spent on bland cleanliness, though the absolute sterility seems like a purposeful dent on a historic city.

The downturned faces of office workers, a picture of misery on the unending majority, with an occasional self inflated manager wading through the drab crowd in his own self imposed dream of his life. Groups of tourists stand out with their unending enthusiasm for ancient stone and mortar built in centuries past, they point out flagstones and buildings in amazement, though such trifling objects have long faded into the dull listless background in the minds of the dead eyed residents.

A flooding by the undredged river makes its annual appearance above the banks of the ouze, covering the unfortunate buildings that have yet failed to succumb to the ever rising levels of a river unmaintained. Its constant flow a heavy reminder to the pure unstoppability of the force contained by such a beautiful rippling flow of liquid. The water glinting on each rise in the fading glow of a sun that has barely left the horizon in keeping with the season.

And I ask myself, why?


randomclick said...

I too was pondering the lack of cold in the uk this year. It seems strange that its almost t-shirt weather again and we're not even into Feburary. Thank god for holes in the ozone layer...another 20 years we could all be wandering around in shorts at this time of year - whoo hoo.

Anonymous said...

We finally got a bout of cold this week. A few sparse snow flurries and tempatures in the low teens, but just two weeks ago we were in t-shirts and open toed shoes.

And Oli, this post was very beautiful.

Oli said...

I thought I would try posting in a different style to the whatever comes off the top of my head with no editing before posting technique =p

Celeste said...

I suffer in Winter I really do. I miss the weather I indulged in when I was growing up in South Africa. But this year I have promised myself that I will be more positive about things. A shitty rainy winter means the woods will be glorious come spring time...

How could you get bored in York it's easily the most beautiful city I have ever visited. I'd move in a flash if the wages up north weren't so low!!!

Hope you are ok - your posts are very reflective of late.


Anonymous said...

How incredibly depressing :-(

Let's blame global warming - everyone else does.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is because no one cares, or rather no one cares enough. We are content to feel desolate, but not do anything about it.

P.S. Thank you for your compliment. It feels nice to be appreciated.