08 January 2007

Il have kidney, liver and three testicals

I was doing some (completely work related) internet browsing and came across this article on BBC


Personally I dont see what the fuss is about, people should be able to sell their bodyparts if they want to. What I think is more interesting is buying these organs, obviously some people buy them because they need one to carry on living but what about the entertainment or cosmetic aspect?

Possibly a clip on device would appear on the market, like replacement covers for mobile phones you could get a clip on penis to forehead attachment for that annoying person in your life, if all else fails you could always spitroast your girlfriend by yourself.

I personally think a third arm would come in handy, and not just so I had my right hand free when surfing various types of websites, a third arm would allow me to play PDA solitaire while seemingly hard at work, not to mention the speed i could get a cup of coffee sorted. You could also get an extra liver, massively inceasing your drinking before death capability.

This kinda makes me thing that fat people will have the advantage over the rest of us in the future, I mean they could have enough space for 8 hearts a couple of extra kidneys a few livers and more, if one fails they just get another popped in. A heart attack? no problem, a minor inconveniance, liver failure? simply a kudos mark among the drinking culture.

"Yeah man I got so pissed last night I wrecked three of my livers"

If you could have an extra body part what would you choose?

(Yes I was a bit short on ideas today, alright?)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I would either want an extra liver to compensate for all the alcohol I've imbibed over the years, an extra heart for the all drugs I've done and then extra boobs because I have a manic fear that breast cancer is in store for me in old age. Even if I've quit smoking, I think the lumpies are just waiting for the right time.