11 January 2007

My first crush, and my first serious crush

A lot of people use the new year as a fresh start, a way of making life better by just a little bit. This year however has been more of a reflection, on how I have lost touch with so many of my friends and how I seem to be unable to settle down with a girl for more than a week. After thinking about that I started to think about past relationships and inparticular my first crushes. I use this rather girly term on the basis that what I felt wasn't really love, but more a desire which I hasten to add I was completely incapable in following up on. While the chatting up of other women came as easy as pie even saying hi to these two crushes left my words crashing into each other.

The first of my crushes was back in primary school, a brunette with pale skin and startling eyes, shy in nature but the kind of girl I would have loved to hold tight. This being primary school and still not having had any massive interaction with a woman (At this point I think it was limited to a kiss and a little fumbling one time) I had not really mastered any way to propose to this girl, who might I add while shy had a stunning beauty about her, so consoled myself to a fate of failure with this one.

The second girl was at highschool, a girl called Sarah was in my form and was easily voted the most beautiful girl in our year. This being only the first year of school when I first saw her I had only had a few more experiences, but as highschool progressed I soon lost most of my inhibitions apart from this one girl. Tall and blonde with a perfectly formed body a gorgeous smile and the self assurance that comes with having pretty much every member of the opposite sex drooling over you, And we drooled over her in abundance at that.

Im not entirely sure that this post has a point, it is more of a reminiscence of things in life I should have gone for, and two women who due to my feelings I never dared approach. Im hoping that in the future I will not make the same mistake again, and always go for the things I want the most.

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drunk punk said...

'course you'll make the same mistake again. won't realise til yer have though. S'what makes us human. Screwin up's a hobby of mine