12 January 2007

A Glorious Day!

Today, a day my friends that will be remembered.

The most fantastic news unlikely to be shadowed by anything else the coming year will throw at us.

This historical day of biblical proportions will be one that will lighten the hearts of billions around the world.

Yes thats right

Cameron Diaz has split up with that wanker Justin Timberlake.

Cameron Diaz, while 34 now is without a doubt one of my top ten in women, her young looks fantastic personality and damn cute smile make this one woman any man would take home.

Diaz... I salute you



drunk punk said...

stand in line mate!!! (unless yer bigger than me in which case after you)

Oli said...

6'5 ;)

Anonymous said...

I have a date with Justin Timberlake this Saturday. We're going to the martini bar and then back to my room.

And yes, Justin is my dirty, shameful little secret of a crush. I ain't proud of it, but I cannot deny that certain tingling in my panties as he gyrates on the television. Oh yes. I feel so unclean.

Oli said...

I hate to say this jezabel but I may have just lost all respect for you =p