25 January 2007


There are not many things in life that annoy me, one of my utmost annoyances is in al probability Waddlers, the people who are not content with walking slowly, but also by dint of not moving any leg muscle whatsoever wave left and right across the path, making it almost impossible to do a quick overtaking manouver. They do however provide the occasional bit of entertainment.

I went into town yesterday and saw two waddlers walknig side by side, both 20 stone plus and carrying a handbag which looked like a tabacco pouch in their gigantic mitts. It got funny when we noticed that these two had no concept of walking in sync, hence every few seconds one would hit teh other, making their waddle go a little bit too far off to the side. After this happened they would both glare at each other then continue walking on. Next time I see something of this calibre I will take a video =)


Anonymous said...

I agree. Such blokes are a source of much frustration, especially when one is in a hurry. I mean, watching someone's butt when one would rather be someplace else is hardly my idea of an enjoyable experience.

Anonymous said...

Argh they drive me insane. And yes it is worse when theyre out and about with their equally weighted friends. And god forbid they have a pushchair too then they really own the pavement! Very very old people also drive me nuts, because they walk a nanometer in an hour and always seem to sway so overtaking is difficult.