02 January 2007

Holiday End

After good ol' week of half days, bank holidays and drinking galore it is finally back to reality. I have fallen for a girl who I probably shouldnt have, hugged a lot of random people, gone swimming in a river (nearly got hypothermia in the process) did the maccerena in the city centre for no aparent reason, injured my wrist (no jokes), due to lack of snow we went sledging down a tarmac road instead, fortunately at 5am there isnt much traffic.

However now I am back in the 9 till 5 grind, doing the same old shit, I need to find myself a job that no only challenges but varies my daily life, travelling to different parts of the world on occasion would also suit.

Im thinking of going to some other part of the world, do ski instruction or something, although I would probably need to learn some of it again myself in all honesty. If not ski instruction perhaps something similar, since my patience is a bit short for teachnig in all honesty, although lets face it, some of my old school teachers would shout at you for coughing.

I think my main problem with going abroad would be my mates, leaving the country is all well and good but considering how often I go out I would not have the feintest clue on what to do with my spare time. Maybe if i could convince one of my mates to come too, 6 months, sun, snow and lots of young naive tourist birds from around the globe, oooo yes..

Then theres the girl back here, never actually met her but talked to her loads, its not like she lives far away, Doncaster is just down the road from my City, but I never have the free time nowdays! She seems perfect, sweet and sexy, not to mention pretty damn smart underneath her veneer of makeup and vanity. She likes to always look good, and boy does she pull it off. Of course this is where the paranoia always kicks in, lets face it would a girl this good be happy with me? I know pretty much next to nothing of what she is like in person, from talking to her I would trust her, but some people are different to how they seem.

Given the opportunity I would want to move abroad, but the company would be her.


Celeste said...

Pffffft silly - I don't live in Doncaster...

Oh wait - you weren't talking about me where you!?



Anonymous said...

Oli, I moved abroad 2 years ago, and I am about to move to a strange country again. You learn to make friends easily enough.

It's an incredible life-changing thing to do. I say, do it.

Oli said...

Awwww celeste, it would never work out, im not a Kiwi =p

And NFG I thought you were all loved up =o I shall have to catch up with your blog =p

Anonymous said...

I am, but my visa runs out, so I have to leave or be deported.

Prepare for lots of miserable posts while I adjust to being single again.

Oli said...

Cant you get an extension on your visa? or become an illegal immigrant, mi sure I can cover for regular sexual favours =p