27 December 2006

Merry Christmas

I should have posted something along these lines a couple of days ago, but I unexpectedly encountered a social life. So to all my regular readers, and (Slightly less so) to the few who stumbled accoss here accidently,


My christmas was the usual large amount of food, lots to drink, and a monopoly game where my family teamed up against me because I won all the games last time (Bastards)

What did everyone else get upto?


Paul said...

I was quite successful in avoiding Christmas by and large !

Celeste said...

Hey sweet cheeks!

Merry belated Christmas and I hope you have a superb New Year!

Did you get vouchers fro train journeys? London is only 3 hours away! ;-)

Oli said...

Hehe london is definately calling Celeste, I need new trainers and new shoes first though, managed to pretty much ruin both by running through a muddy field and then me and my mates deciding a river swim would be a good idea!

Anonymous said...

What did I get up to? Just made myself sick on eggnog and chocolate. Happy New Year!!

Moo said...

Hi Oli!! Happy New Year and I hope you had a lovely Christmas xx