11 July 2006

Timekeeping shot

Ive been late to work the last two days, not too professional!

First time was due to forgetting to put my alarm clock on, todays was due to me losing track of time going for a jog do'h.

But back to blogging,

I am a huge fan of Mr Angry's Blog he generally has funny posts and all, plus he seems to attract the young female sex bloggers like theirs no tomorrow. Whereas I dont go into much detail in my blog (because it is not really an anominess blog, a lot of my mates read it as well, could not introduce them to such filth tut tut) bloggers such as NF Girl do seem to go into great depth, instantly making me want to travel down south, where most of the 'personal' bloggers seem to come from.

I have however come across Pimp My Blogger who regularly comments on Angry's site, and I am slightly worried by two facts.

1) I cant work out if its a bloke or lass, i would check profiles but im way too lazy for that.
2) He/She seems to post wayyy to much about Angry, seemingly at the request of Ellie (who also puts the occasional naughty bit of information into her blog)

Just so she doesnt feel left out, and because her blog can also be Damn funny, Katie Newtons blog is a good visit though it rarely mentions sex.

I also read this punk blokes blog, he seemed like a decent geezer, and whos posts made me burst out laughing in the office, however I cant remember who it was, ahhh well.

(PS. This is the closest to a blogroll that I will ever be arsed to do in the near future)


Anonymous said...

You read some strange shit, strange but funny.

Ellie said...

Hi Oli.

I too am in the dark as to the identity of Pimp. I assumed he was a he -- but that is based on the sexist assumption that a pimp will always be male.

Rest assured, Pimp needs no prodding from the likes of me in order to niggle at Mr. Angry. Mr. Angry is an unlikely muse, but muse nonetheless.

I became involved through gleeful witnessing of a certain special spark between Katy and Angry.

Like a moth to a flame, I could not resist the allure.:)

Joking aside, thanks for the link.


pimp said...

I've definitely not got a thang for Angry ta very much.

As for my identity I'm pretty sure Katy and Angry have figured it out by now!

pimp said...

Oh and the punk bloke is Four Dinners and his blog Dilligaf is here.

Mr Angry said...

I don't know why I attract the young female sex bloggers, perhaps it's the testosterone that is literally dripping off my blog?

Or maybe they're taking pity on me? Who knows, but I'm not going to knock it!

As for the Pimp, I have my suspicions, but he (and I'm sure he's a he) will remain anonymous for now (because he shoots guns'n'stuff for a living)

Oli said...

Cheers for linking fourdinners Pimp, however you seem to have sidestepped the gender question!

Tis no trouble Ellie =p

And if you want to progress further with Miss Fickle it seems your best course of action is to video yourself shakin' the snake and sending it to her.

NF Girl said...


I am giggling here.

Oli said...

I was amazed that I had regular readers who i didnt know in real life, untill i realised that you wernt regulars you just all linked through from pimp my blog >.<