05 July 2006


Still not done the urine thing so I went to the local chemists today,

I walked through the door and was immediately struck by the 'league of gentlemanesque' look of the place, in the end though I ahve to say it veered to more little britain humour.

I start looking around and this woman comes upto me and asks if she can help, shes short, round, so round that spherical would be the best word. So yeah I tell the spherical woman that I was looking for a pack of strepsils.

Then she goes


"We haveee..
lemsip, there good arnt they, i dont like the lavour though,
Halls soothers too, theyre nice and sweet, match a sweet young man like yourself"

May I note that at this point if she had infact nudged me I would have ran out of the shop. I started to press the point that I was looking for strepsils, and did they have any?

"Oooo strepsils, we also have lemsip and ha.."

I interrupt again, ahh so you do have the strepsils!, thats great, where are they?

So she takes me over, and starts pointing them all out,

"hereee we aree"
"We have lemsip and halls and beechams and anusol, thats for heamoroids or piles (She points out) or benylin.... ahh here we are! Right inforont of me!"

Then, believe it or not,

"We have orange or citrus or honey and lemon or.."

"Il take the orange please!"

I practically shout this, but im ill and geting harrased by an oversized beachball.

Whats the point of al this you may ask...

Always go to fucking boots, they may not give a toss about you, but at least they do it quietly!

In other news, I have infact practically lost my voice, this is making life difficult at work, when I have to for instance, ring people.

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