12 July 2006

How Not To Wash Clothes

Ive developed a little problem, that I intend to fix tonight.

Basically when i do my washing i have a tendancy to forget about it till 4 or 5 hours later. I will tehn remember, put the crumpled heap into the drier and then proceed to forget about it again.

The end result? Clothes that take about 5 frigging hours to iron >.< (picked the >.< up from somewhere & now cant stop doing it, i blame the lass from doncaster)


This lunchtime I went into my local newsagents and bought a scratchcard, I only get these once in a blue moon but do seem to have an ability to win fivers of them.I scratch off the first two panels, both are £100,000. Someone not used to scratchcards and their evilness would be excited by this, i thought id lost. I scratch the third panel, and, at nearly heart attack excitement THERE WAS ANOTHER £100,000. This was, fora split second one of the best moments in my life, till i realised that the dear old lady behind the counter was laughing her head off.

She then proceeds to tell me that was a fake one... a FAKE. I was just stood there, broken hearted while the old innocent pure evil lady hands me a real one. Think the old lady/devil on tenatious d's tribute at the end of the video for it.

I won a fiver, wiped the smile off her face >.<


Universal Soldier said...

To be honest if she'd done that to me I'd have battered her!

Oli said...

Im absolutely starving at this moment in time, so well done i am now also thinking about fish and chips.

Anonymous said...

And exactly how do you know that ticket was a fake?

Oli said...

It had a disclamier in small writing on the back =[