28 July 2006

Subway Staff The Slow, The Speedy and the Sexy

I have been eating subway quite a lot recently, the fact that subway is infact proably the healthiest regular meal I have should tell you a lot about my life. Subway has always been one of my favorite fast foods, Meatball Marinara for cold weather, Italian BMT For summer, and loadsa variations to keep things interesting. I always worry about the staff though, some seem to have no idea of how to make a sandwich, and when I did that I soon formed three catagories in which to fit Subway workers.

The Slow:

These ones tend to have to ask you everything twice, always cock up your sandwich and occasionally seem to wipe their nose absentmindedly jsut efore picking out the lettuce for you.

The Speedy:

What you always hope for, fast efficient and make a beautiful sub

The Sexy:

So damn fine you spend more time glancing at her top half than what she is making, its only till later you can figure out if she should have been in group one or two.

Have I missed anything?


Mouldy said...

The Rude!

Or is that every f*cking one of them?

(I had a bad experience)

Oli said...

I have had a couple of rude ones I must admit, the girl who is in one of ours is pretty damn charming though... or maybe im still under the influence of the sexy >.<

Anonymous said...

hay ima girl but i luv does men i work at subway and da guy i work wif is dam fine so jabber on about da wemon but i luv da men