04 July 2006

Registering with a new doctor.

Last night I went to register with a new doctor, im still feeling ill and my throat kills, so I thought I might as well get it over and done with.

So I walk down to the surgery, its a pleasant stroll, weathers lovely and the doctors looks fairly good, professional and everything. The building is an old Victorian style place, not the kind out of horror movies, it just looks swanky!

I go and talk to the receptionist, she seems really friendly and hands me two forms for registration. The first form is easy enough, date of birth, previous doctor etc, the second one is slightly more difficult, it informs me to provide a urine sample, with a big square besides it. Did she want me to piss accurately into that square?

So I go back and ask for a sample bottle, informing her that I may go and do this part of the form at home, I need to go find out which injections I'd had anyway.

How the fuck am I meant to piss in a bottle that's about the length and width of my thumb? I mean, il piss, itl overflow, itl cover my hands, if theres enough pressure it could go ANYWHERE kinda when you try fill a coke bottle with a tap, I used to make quite a mess in the kitchen and REALLY don't wont to make the same kind of mess with my 'sample taking'

Ideas anyone? (I have already heard the use a jug and fill it from their idea, I think I would fill the jug before I had finished peeing, although a plus point would be the ability to offer the jug of 'apple juice' to people who are not so near and dear to my hearts, they can keep the jug, its not something I would want to use, see or contemplate again.

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