26 June 2008

TV Licence Refund

Every year I pay around £140 for my TV Licence, this is basically an extra tax on the country since lets face it, nearly everyone has a colour TV nowdays.

But this isn't what upset me quiet so much, last night I was watching the Germany Turkey game, several times, once when there was a goal, the TV service died to be replaced by Radio 5 Live.

Now I was in the pub watching this, hardly ever watch TV at home, but if I have paid for this service and the BBC do not provide it should I not infact get a refund for that day?

A man can dream.


The Manic Street Preacher said...

Write a letter of caomplaint. If you bug em enough they'll give you some'at just to get rid of you.

This is the voice of experience

Oli said...

I will try to beat my lazyness to receive free stuff!