30 June 2008

Bit o' a Quiet Spot

As you may have noticed things have been a bit quiet around here recently, what with the women the booze and a desperate attempt to start working for myself I have been a little busy over teh last few months.

I have begun to note however that there is a world outside my three preoccupations and these include,

Inflation has buggered our country.

Americans really need to bring in some common sense when voting for presidents.

Come to that the english need to show more common sense when voting for Prime ministers, but at least we are too small to start any significant wars.

The people who run our country seem to think that the best way to curb inflation is to advise businesses to cut our wages, while in the meantime increasing taxes on every single fucking thing, not to mention bringing in stupid fucking lawas that have multiplied the costs of everything from fuel to food.

Pat Sharpe cut his mullet off - a sad day for us all.

Australia may pay me several thousand pounds to move over there if I train as an electrician or a plumber, my view on this is electricity may kill me but plumbing may require me to wade around in shit for the rest of my life... I think you can see where my decisions may be moving towards here.

The global warming nuts have realised that the carbon footprint debate on global warming does not actually have any factual evidence, for this reason expect a sudden increase ni news regarding methane as being the new global warming hot topic. People who discuss this seriously will give you dirty looks if you mention that the Earths relative position to the sun may be the cause of the current temprature fluctuations, especially if you bring this up at a scientific debate on global warming - apparently scientific debate can no longer include anyone who is against the crackpot theory.

North Korea blew up their plutonium creation plant, this is a great step forward in rumoving North Noreas ability to build cheap sustainable power and recover economically, allowing the US to maintain its doctatorial control over what they can and cannot so.

Germany apparently forgot how to play football, Spanish players forgot how to stay upright when tackled.

The above left my bank account £!0 lighter.

7 Rounds of sambucca is probably a mistake when attempting to stay sober and conserve money.


Anonymous said...

Working for yourself is good but it's not fantastic. No sick leave. No holiday pay. VAT to the govt at 17.5%. Corporation tax. Personal tax liability. And never ever turning work down because you don't know when the next dry spell will be - or how long it might last for. In the last four years I've had two dry spells. One was three months and the other two months. Long bits of time to have no income for!

Oli said...

Hehe so far I have 15 projects going independant of each other taking up no more than 1/2 an hour a day, I hope on expanding that, VAT is only if you provide goods and services, Corporation tax is only for companies as far as I'm aware.

I will be talking to an accountant friend of mine this week on getting it all set up legit though!

The Manic Street Preacher said...

did you forget to blow out the flame by round 7 then?

just remember not to touch any wires until you know the powers off and you'll be fine. This is the voice of experience after blowing myself across the living room many years ago.

change me bleedin linky thingy will yer?