17 June 2008

French Kisses

When I was much younger I went through the same stage as most kids, this basically involved finding a member of the opposite sex and going for the deep kiss. It wasn't big, it wasn't clever and it probably stopped me from getting any further on occasion.

This kind of kissing I grew out of, leaving it behind as French Kissing.

On Saturday me and the French girl got together (not that far I am afraid) and she gave me my first ever proper french kiss.

Bloody hell it was good!

Unfortunately the french girl leaves for France again in a few days, I will miss her and hopefully see her once more before she goes.

I will be visiting her in July along with my flat mate as we start on our 2 week road trip around europe for 2008, can't wait!

Travelling is my one true passion, if I bump into this girl on the way it will only be that mmuch sweeter :)

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