20 June 2008

Conversing with a 'Yank'

So I talked to the american aquiantance over dinner.

"Yeah I really want to go to America, it would be amazing"

He replied, "yeah man seriously visit New York its beautiful!"

He seemed A little bit offended when I said

"And the food, seriously from what i've heard you guys get so much food on your plate in America!"

I noticed a rather significant drop in temprature around me.

"So yeah anyway, where are you from?"

"From the state o' LA he says, a smile on his face"

I looked a little blankly for a second before realisation dawned, "I didn't think Los Angeles was a state, I thought it was in Nevada!"

I get another long blank stare, I shiver a little and search for my jacket before he mentions "Louisiana, LA stands for Louisiana, and Los Angeles is in California"

"ohohoh I was thinking of Las Vegas" I say, building a slight bridge over my lack of American knowledge, reading Micheal Crichtons Andromeda Strain the other night apparently paid off.

I don't think he forgave me.

Next month I will be navigating again on a road trip around Europe.

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