03 June 2008


So I have had a week off work, and so far it has not gone too well.

I finally got up the courage to ask the French girl out. She is absolutely amazing and has had me entranced since I met her, unfortunately I got the 'just friends' bullet. It's a shame because we get on great, have a laugh together and she really is so goddamn beautiful!

Second day off work I did not get home till 7:30 am, noramlly this would be a good thing, however in this case it was more down to sitting for a few hours in the A&E department while a friend had the skin on his head glued back together.

Though I did not see it happen apparently he banged his head on the steps while trying to get rid of hiccups - it didnt work.

1 comment:

John Sullivan said...

Hey man skip that French chick
I'm not psychic but I see a hot great women in your life ASAP
Have a great summer