11 June 2008

Drinking, Working and (Wanting to) Live the Dream

A few weeks ago I covered software and asset management for my company, kinda tired me out but had a week off afterwards.

Problem was the monday of my holiday I went to a house party and around 5am a mate managed to pass out holing his breath trying to get rid of hiccups. He managed to crack his skull on the stairs so I had to take him to A&E, didnt get home till around 8am. That put me out of sync for the entire week buggered up my sleep pattern!

Back at work now and the first Monday was trying, I was absolutely knakerecd, work load was shocking but strangely enough only for the first day, after I got it sorted it has been dead quiet.

On the other hand though some of my side projects are starting to pay off, I have started to see some payoff. Gonna work a bit harder and see if I can get a reputable business going but it is taking time, working from around 6 till 10 most nights, with a quick nightcap in the pub. Sometimes I find myself working till 1-2am and wonder how the time went. But it will hoppefully be worth it.

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