10 August 2006

Writers block

I think I may have writers block, its not that nothings happening My life is currently so busy I had to tell a beautiful blonde girl that I couldnt come over when she had the house to herself for two weeks because im damn busy at work and its two of my best mates birthdays over the weekend.

Im an idiot arn't I...

Anyhow my posting may be a little less infrequent over the next week or two - not a full head on quiting posting for a while like the sexyfull NFGirl, but I am literally too tired busy or drunk to make a huge amount of posts, this seems to be a re-occuring theme as the ever cute Katy also seems to be taking a break.

Anyhow just so you know where I am at the moment the following words should give you some idea


Think about sums it up

Was thinking last night about a girl from sheffield I completely fell for, now engaged shes off the market and I would never even attempt to dredge up old feelings, like her that much i want her to be happy, damn my soppy side. I keep thinking about last time I saw her and how perfect she looked. Weird how you know nothing can happen but you feel glad for the little you did have.

In other news I would like to wish Andy and Luke a very happy birthday - two of the bdays over the next couple of weeks, I would also like to call them bastards for skinting me out just before leeds fest.

I aws thinking of setting up an amazon wish list, in the safe and happy knowledge that no one would ever actually buy anything off it, but I would nevertheless like, such as the full friends and james James Bond dvd box sets, a BMW, new laptop and computer, a few gold bars and an alexpenses paid holiday to hawaii.

Also a paypal button for you all to give me any money you can spare, which will make me a millionaire of course!


Moo said...

Crikey, this writers block thing must be serious!!

Oli said...

More serious than runnning out of toilet paper when you have the shits.

Leeds Festival next week though, should help get me abck on the ball!

Moo said...

Um yes...quite a comparison there!

Leeds Festival will be good Im sure.

Oli said...

It was from a conversation about the usual state of the leeds fest toilets where that comparison came from =p