03 August 2006

'Equal Rights'

I dont often partake in hugely controvertial topics, however there are some things that just get me down right pissed off.

Firstly Disabled people in working environments, sure, but when they cant actually do the job due to being mentally or physically disabled? what the fuck.

The first instance I am going to comment on is regarding a factory in the midlands which turned down a man who had a disability with walking and stability, after taking the company to court he won a huge compensation and the factory was ordered to employ him. About a month later they guy died after falling into a piece of machinery, the disabled mans family is now trying to take teh company to court for allowing him to work in an unsafe environment..

The second story I read was a london company that employed a vegtable in a body near enough, he could only speak a few words of english had very little awareness of things happening around him and yet was employed by this company to 'up its quota' of disabled people, the government is worried about the state of our economy? then why force our companies to employ people who have no role???

In the same vein, women who lobbied to get into working mens clubs. for years the only retreat where men could remove themselves from the female personality, a place I would ahve loved to have been, alas I was too late.


Oli said...

As a quick update to this, women who also lobby for full access to golf clubs then lobby even more for their own social room where men are not allowed, equal rights are an amazing thing.

Moo said...

I just found you from NF girl, good blog btw