07 August 2006


Weekends are just not long enough, seriously, dont have enough time to get everything done, and by the time it gets to monday im more knakered than I was on the Friday before.

Fortunately I have a holiday coming up - Thank God

For the leedsfest weekend I have a good week and a half off, 5 days of which I will be sat in a field trying to avoid the toilets while listening to good music, moshing, jumping, drinking and for an hour or two, sleeping.

Will any of my readers be visiting the Leeds (Or reading for you southerners) Festival this year?


Celeste said...

Ahhh Reading. The place of magic!

Used to be my home town until I moved to Southampton.

I went to reading Fest about 2 years ago. the Offspring and the Darkness were amazing!

Moo said...

I have never been to a festival, I plan to go next year to Glastonbury, I feel this needs to be done!!

Oli said...

We were thinknig of going to glastonbury next year, I have been put off by two things though - even more walking and even worse toilets.

Leeds/Reading is a good starter festival I think, a lot more younger people going nowdays though, download is a fantastic time.