18 May 2008

Sunday Blues

I think on some occasions Sundays are even worse than Mondays.

If you cant find anything to do you sit there, bored, and becoming increasingly aware that tomorrow you will be working and that you should possibly be doing something.

I don't think there is anything on gods green earth as mind numbingly boring as Sunday afternoons with the possible exception of Big Brother, Which is a lot of people who have personality disorders set in the location of a perpetual Sunday afternoon.

Big Brother is not only as heavily boring as a Sunday afternoon but also intensely annoying, rather like incredibly bad tooth ache.

In other news me and the Girlfriend are officially back together, though I'm not sure how long for. She is really nice and I do like her but sometimes it just doesn't feel like a relationship. No it is not Aussie girl by the way, that is long dead and buried.

However, I was thinking of getting an electricians/Carpenters qualification, doing a few years work over here and emigrating to New Zealand or Australia. I do think that it might just be a bad idea though as my natural 'couldn't give a shit' attitude may just win me the Darwin award as I step onto a poisonous shell like creature, jump backwards into a poisonous spiders web, flail around and get my leg bitten off by a crocodile (Ironically saving me from the poison) before falling into a watering hole and being savaged by a duck billed platypus.

Maybe I'll just move to Melbourne, the worst that could happen tome there is getting run over by Harold Bishop.

Anyhow, back to procrastinating.


The Manic Street Preacher said...

Try Tasmania. Apart from devils their local flora and fauna is meant to be ok.

If she washes your socks and pants it's a relationship. Well, according to the wife it is anyroad....

The Manic Street Preacher said...

By the way that Digg thing doesn't half take time to let your blog open. What is it?

Oli said...

Do you think thats whats slowing it down?

If you click it and review it (If you are a digg member)then it lets a load of other people find my blog.

I ma replacing that digg code with something more unobtrusive across the board on a lot of websites at the moment, it is taking some time!

Sarah said...

So....You are not in love with this girl?

Oli said...

No, There has never been that spark, it is why I Dumped her Last night, shes a great girl but I just never had that connection with her.